Clinic Hours 

Weekdays: 8am – 6pm
Saturday: 9am – 12pm 

Clinic Hours

Sunday: CLOSED
Public Holidays: CLOSED

St Kilda Medical Group provides a wide variety of services to support the needs of our community​.

St Kilda Medical Group provides many services to all patients including:

• General Check-ups
• Family Planning – Shared Care
• Cervical Screening Tests
• Women and Men’s Health
• Adolescent Health
• Mental Health
• Sexual Health Checks
• Children’s Immunisations
• Travel Vaccinations and Pre-travel Advice
• Full Skin Checks
• Spirometry
• Iron Infusions
• Ear Micro-suction
• Diabetes and Asthma Checks
• Minor Surgical Procedures
• Preventative Health Assessments and Care Plans
• Pre-Employment Examinations
• Insurance and Work-related
• Compensation Claims
• Onsite Psychology
• Onsite Pathology

Pre and Post-Travel Consultations

Your doctor will provide health advice and prescribed immunisations to keep you healthy on your travels.

All our GPs are experienced in general medical issues in relation to travel. Vaccinations are available for all destinations for both children and adults. The most common vaccinations are kept onsite and additional vaccinations can be ordered or obtained through a prescription. We are accredited to administer Yellow Fever vaccinations.

Please book a 30 minute appointment for all travel consultations.

Family Planning - Shared Care

Shared care is an excellent option for women with a low risk pregnancy who will be having their baby at a Melbourne public hospital (for example the Royal Women’s Hospital). It is a chance to have most of your care through your own GP.

Patients have the majority of their pregnancy care with their GP and will also be seen at the hospital several times throughout their pregnancy. Delivery will be at the hospital with hospital doctors or midwives.

Infant Sleep Clinic

After an initial health assessment, we provide practical advice, an age-appropriate routine, and any medical investigations and management that may be required to help settle your baby and improve their sleep.

Ear Micro-Suction

Micro suction ear cleaning is performed using a special light and a medical suction device to gently suck out the ear wax from your canal.

All patients are initially assessed for their general ear health.  We will then examine your ear and, using the low-pressure suction device, safely remove the blockage.

It is important to remember that wax is not the only cause of a blocked feeling or reduced hearing. After any wax is removed, if you still have a sensation of blockage in your ears, you may need diagnosis and treatment of these other conditions. Our Micro suction doctor can advise you on this.


Micro suction is accepted as the safest and most comfortable method of ear wax removal. The ear canal is being observed throughout the process, making it an exceptionally safe procedure. It is also a more comfortable process than traditional water irrigation.

Please note all ear micro-suction appointments are booked through reception.
Please call (03) 9525 5200 to make an appointment.

Iron Infusions

Iron infusions are a safe and effective method to supplement low iron levels.

The infusions are recommend for people with low iron who cannot take iron tablets, or when iron tablets don’t work. The iron infusions usually takes 15 minutes. After the treatment you will be monitored for another 45 minutes to ensure that there are no major side effects.

Prior to your infusion, please speak to your doctor about obtaining a prescription for the iron solution to be infused. You will need to collect this and bring this with you on the day of your infusion.

New patients from other clinics are also welcome, but require a referral letter and a copy of recent blood tests from their regular GP.

Our iron infusions are privately billed. Please call reception for more information.

Please note all iron infusions are booked through reception.
Please call (03) 9525 5200 to make an appointment.

IUD Service

Intrauterine devices (IUDs) provide an effective, convenient and safe form of contraception.

We are delighted to inform patients IUD insertions are now offered at St Kilda Medical Group.

Currently, IUDs are only inserted by Dr Jonathan Epstein. Both regular patients of the clinic and new patients are eligible for this service.

If you are interested in learning more about this service, including costs, please call reception, ask your regular GP when you next visit or book an appointment with Dr Jonathan.


Menopause Consultations

At St Kilda Medical Group, menopause and perimenopause can be a challenging time in a woman’s life. To provide our patients with the best possible care, we are now offering specialised menopause consultations. These consultations will be conducted by our experienced doctors, Dr Goad and Dr Rockman, who will take the time to understand your unique circumstances and create a personalised treatment plan tailored to your needs.

We understand that every woman’s experience with menopause is different, and that is why our consultations will be extended in length to ensure that we identify any issues you may be experiencing and provide you with the best possible care. If you are a new or existing patient, we encourage you to take advantage of this service.

To learn more about our menopause consultations or to schedule an appointment, please contact our reception (03) 9525 5200.


HIV Treatment

We provide patient centred care for people living with HIV, including the prescription of antiretroviral medication.

We provide patient centred care for people living with HIV. We prescribe antiretroviral medication, including long-acting injectable medication. We provide care at all points of our patient’s journey, from a new diagnosis to aging with HIV.

Please note that antiretroviral medication is currently only prescribed by Dr Jonathan Epstein.

All GPs also prescribe PrEP for the prevention of HIV infection.

Chronic Disease Management

St Kilda Medical Group has a team of registered nurses skilled in Chronic Disease Management education, with particular focus on diabetes, heart disease, osteoarthritis and asthma.

Your doctor may recommend that you make an appointment to see one of our nurses to help with the education and management of your chronic disease.

Our nurses will explain how you can help to control or minimise the effects of your medical condition and will prepare a draft management plan for your doctor. You will subsequently see your doctor who will discuss your condition and the management plan. You will be provided with a copy to keep with you for your records.

Where other providers are involved with your medical care your doctor may seek your consent to send them a copy of your management plan encouraging them to participate in a team care arrangement.


All routine childhood vaccines are available. 

Travel Clinic

Most common travel vaccines are also kept in stock. Please discuss travel plans 4 – 6 weeks before departure.

For more information visit Travel Advice

We are an Accredited Yellow Fever Vaccination Centre

Lifestyle Medicine

Lifestyle medicine uses therapeutic lifestyle interventions as a primary approach to treating chronic conditions. It covers aspects of nutrition, physical activity, stress management, restorative sleep, social connection and avoidance of risky substances.

On-site Pathology

We have a licensed Pathology Collection Centre at our practice. Melbourne Pathology is open from 8:00am to 4:30pm Monday to Friday. No appointments are necessary.

Patients referred to specialists or for pathology tests and X-rays may incur out-of-pocket expenses as not all service providers bulk-bill tests. For more information you will need to check with the specialist, pathology company or imaging centre you visit. It is best do this check prior to attending.


Michael McGartland consults at the practice on a regular basis. Please speak to your doctor or our receptionists for his contact information.

Medical Students and Registrar Training

St Kilda Medical Group is an accredited training practice for student medical programs. These programs include student attachments to individual clinic doctors for consulting room observation. You will always be advised beforehand of a student’s presence in the consulting room, and you have the clear right to withhold your consent for that presence.

Eastern Victoria GP Training (EVGPT) works with accredited training practices who guide, supervise and support registrars throughout their training.

St Kilda Medical Group provides outstanding in-practice teaching and experience. We equip our registrars with appropriate skills including a wide exposure to relevant general practice issues. Our registrars hold a valuable place in our team.

General Practice Nurses

Sharon Hills

Sharon joined our practice in 2009. She has broad experience in acute care, community care and general practice nursing, with particular interests in mental health, ageing, and chronic and complex care. Sharon took a two-year leave of absence and worked as Practice Nurse in Canberra, where she was recognised as ACT Primary Care Nurse of the Year in 2015.  She returned to us in 2016. Sharon has a Master of Primary Health Care and Master of Nursing with Honours (1st Class). She has a keen interest in health literacy and health promotion, healthy lifestyle and innovation and teamwork in general practice, particularly as it relates to chronic and complex care. Sharon is currently undertaking further study in lifestyle change and people living with type 2 diabetes.


Alex Ross

Alex is a nurse who has a passion for delivering great care to patients. Through her clinical practice she spreads happiness, compassion and kindness to those she interacts with. She enjoys working in a space where it gives her the opportunity to build rapport and help enhance and uplift individuals. Outside of work she enjoys going on road trips, adventures outdoors, camping and finding new restaurants to try as she is a massive foodie!


Support Staff


Our receptionists provide an essential link for patients at this practice, managing the doctor and nurse appointments and are your initial point of contact for general enquiries. They can provide basic information about our services and direct you to the right person depending on your issue or enquiry. All of our receptionists are committed to providing excellent support for our doctors and the patients who attend our practice.

Practice Manager

Meaghan Pejcinovski joined SKMG as the Practice Manager in 2014 and brings a wealth of knowledge and experience. Throughout her working life, Meaghan has worked in many different primary health care settings, and in a variety of roles. She understands the importance of working as a team to achieve the best outcomes for our patients. Please contact Meaghan with any queries, concerns or suggestions about the practice.